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Who am I?

So you’re probably wondering a couple of things.

Who is writing this blog?
I’m a 28 year old female that just got married and is one of the laziest people you’ll ever meet.  I am skinny-fat, but i think the term fat-skinny makes more sense.  I’ve been blessed with good metabolism, I eat multiple times a day or what other people may call snacking, and I eat junk.  Oh, and I watch junk too.  Love Bravo reality shows (not the new ones), love jersey shore, etc.  (I do not like vh1 reality shows).  I’m a boring accountant that is surrounded by interesting people.

Why write a blog?
After years of just crunching numbers, I’m almost illiterate.  I’ve started to read a bit more thanks to the technology of a kindle, and now want to write about the random days of my life.  the thoughts in my head are all over the place.  strange, unfocused, mean (though i admit it, i don’t like people telling me that i am), sometimes surprisingly nice… you just never know what you gonna get!

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