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Jersey Shore terms: Grenade vs. Landmine

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I learn a lot from the boys of the jersey shore.  The guidos come up with some stuff that have stayed with me all year.  So from episode 1, season 2, the grenade / landmine questions.

According to some people, grenade is a term that’s been used for years.  I only learned it from season 1, so I am behind apparently.  According to season 1, the grenade is the ugly girl that could ruin it for the guys “creeping” on the pretty girls.  A guy has to “jump” on the grenade as a sacrifice for his boys to get some action.  Now that’s a good wingman!  (and leading to a very very bad walk of shame.)  Makes sense.   If it explodes, it’ll ruin everyone in its way.

Now, in season 2, we learn that a grenade is a fat ugly girl, and a landmine is a skinny ugly girl.   I took a survey of people asking what they thought a landmine was.  Most people thought the landmine was the fat ugly girl since it’s heavy and sits on the ground.   No one associated the landmine as the skinny girl.   The only reason people could say maybe skinny girl is that a landmine is flat and can’t be seen as well.  Maybe when you and your boys are “creeping” you don’t notice it at first since she is skinny, but WHOA, when she turns around, someone’s gotta jump on it.

What do you think?  Thoughts?

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