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Why watch Jersey Shore?

so as I’m sitting here finishing my day with a doughnut, i reflect thinking, “my day started out with a doughnut too!”  yes, the life of a girl that just LOVES donuts.

it’s a bit late to be talking jersey shore, but people always ask me why I watch the show.  I’m not remotely Jersey, nor do I like any sort of drama in MY life, but for some reason, i LOVE drama on tv.  jersey shore though is a reality gem!  crazy people, people who speak their own language, straight shooters, and they like to have fun.   they own 100% of who they are and have absolutely no shame.

Some perfect examples of classic moments already in season 2!
-learning about the shirt before the shirt  – before going to the club, the guys like to hang out, and wear a shirt before THE shirt.  what is this shirt before the shirt – a white or black wifebeater.  they don’t dare to ruin their nice christian audigier / ed hardy shirt.


-jwoww yelling at angelina telling her she’s going to get her ass beat.  this is when angelina is the top member of IFF and denies ever talking smack about jwoww and snooki. you just don’t want to mess with jwoww.  the phone then rings, and snooki picks up the phone.  “is angelina there?” “no, she’s dead.”

-MVP night – MIKE, VINNY, PAULY D. boys night out.  of course, angelina wants to join them, and they can’t figure out a way to get rid of her.  hmm…wait til she looks away for a second, and BAM!  they run for it.  (too bad it was major grenade night)

– (cont. of MVP night aka grenade night) a girl’s chicken cutlet (silicon boob enhancer) is found floating in the spa filled with grenades.  the guys pick it up and start playing catch with it, while a girl looks lost feeling her boobs… hmm…who does the editors want to think lost it???

just by our enthusiasm (or maybe the talk of chicken cutlets), our jersey shore midnight party has doubled from 2 to 4 attendees.  the husband is no longer going to play video games, but watch with us.  we’ll see what happens.

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