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Do you watch Jeff Lewis???

So I’ve been requested by a friend to blog about the greatest show on Bravo – Flipping Out.  The series focuses on the absolutely insane life of Jeff Lewis.  He’s neurotic and OCD, on top of HILARIOUS.

Cast of Characters:
Jeff Lewis – used to buy houses, remodel them, and sell for a huge profit (flip houses), now interior designer / design consultant (modern style), loves rescue animals.

Jenni Pulos – long time assistant of Jeff (9-10 years), wannabe actress/comedian, doppelganger of Elaine from Seinfeld, talented rapper
Sarah Berkman – full time assistant that is Jeff’s brother’s wife’s sister, really stupid and slow, but comical
Trace James Lehnhoff (aka Tracey) – gay design intern, doesn’t comment much, dry comments with a straight face, enjoys martinis during  happy hour
Zoila – Jeff’s live in cleaning lady, loves telenovelas, does not like to work.
Jet – walks the dogs, helps Zoila, takes out the trash, not really sure what else.

So who is Ryan Brown?
Since I’ve seen all the seasons of Flipping Out, I can tell you that this new season is extremely strange without Ryan Brown.  Not that he played a big character, but he was always there.  So what’s the dealio?  Ryan used to be Jeff’s BF, then turned business partner/best friend.  Jeff used to be in charge of remodeling the houses (usually studs up), then Ryan would come in and do the interior design.  The show got popular, Ryan figured he can make more money by manipulating the search engines and pointing anything from a Jeff Lewis search to land on the Brown Design website.  Ryan denied, denied, denied any wrongdoing.  Jeff believed otherwise.  Jeff fixed the web searches, heard stories from clients on how manips Ryan was.  and done.  we are now current on the situation.

This past week, it mainly focused on how stupid Sarah is (sad but true).  The best part of this episode is Jenni’s outfit.  It’s a crazy tight brown short sleeve button down jump suit, white belt, white cardigan tied around the neck.  (can’t find a picture!) at arte de mexico, she indicates she wore a really tight outfit and literally turns around to show her thong VPL.  i thought thongs were worn to NOT show lines. yeah, it was that tight.  and a side note, I had no clue jenni even lost weight, need to watch season 1.  (season 1 is on sale at target only at the moment, but going on sale all over Nov 2)

Almost like this picture, but in brown, long pants and TIGHT.  Best visual i could find.

Jeff’s Comments:
“Was that your girlscout outfit like when you were 13? It’s a little tight…the problem is she’s wearing these outfits now where honestly look like it was painted on.  I mean I could see her ovaries in that jumpsuit.  It was ridiculous.”

Jenni’s response:
“My point is I think that the jumpsuit was great.  He’s constantly designing spaces, so I am designing THIS space.” **hands point at her body**

Daughter Vega’s response to Jeff’s “will you just admit that’s a horrible outfit?”:
Yeah, I love jenni though, she’s got a cute shape, and i love jumpsuits, but that’s not a good one.”

otherwise in the episode, you find out they are leeches at casa vega, trying not to appear like them.  they always accept the offer to eat there, except the one time to make it seem like they aren’t freeloading piggies.  mmmmm…the chunky guacomole is what i love….

What we observed at Casa Vega:
There’s not a whole lot that’s changed at the restaurant.  It still is red leather chairs, dark, gaudy.  BUT the lobby is different.  Not an open space anymore like he said.  The door is the big door from arte de mexico, but a darker darker brown.  The hostess is now in the lobby (instead of the bar space) and the fireplace is behind the hostess on the wall.  it wasn’t lit.  boo.  there wasn’t much else…. are they doing anymore?  no clue.  my inkling is that jeff lewis design is fired… but i guess we have to watch what happens.

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