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Jersey Shore: Quotes of the Week

There were some MASSIVE hilarity on last week’s episode.  The quotes were OOC (out of control from Rachel Zoe project).  My friends and I actually had trouble even getting through this episode.  We constantly had to pause and rewind, while we were rolling laughing.

Some of my favorites:

-Snooki: “guys are dbags.  i hate them all.  they don’t know how to deal with women.  I feel that’s why the lesbian rate is going up.” – she has such a good point!!!  men are clueless and unreliable.  snooki’s supposed bf, emilio, said he said screwed around with another girl, but was joking.  WHO DOES THAT TO THEIR GIRLFRIEND????

-Ronnie: “I don’t like tests.  That’s why i didn’t go to college!”  I also cannot find for the life of me what he did for a living before jersey shore happened.  he’s pretty dumb… and also a dbag.

-Situation:  “now, he doesn’t want to miss out,  but at the same time he doesn’t want to give up his cookie.  You need to give up your cookie, son.  I’m eating chocolate chip cookies EVERY night.”  – Mike tries to explain to us his analysis with Ronnie and his cookie, Sammi.

-Situation: “So you need to be on your tip top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls to DTF in MIA.”  Seems like this is Sitch’s MO.  Transaltion?  GTL – gym, tan, laundry, FTD – Fresh to Death, DTF – down to F***, MIA – Miami.

-my quote for this episode: “GET A CLUE!!!” – message to Sammi!  she looks like a complete fool for always taking ron back.

So I was noticing one other thing in this episode.  SNOOKI TYPES FAST!  She and Jwoww were typing an “anonymous” not to Sammi to tell her to get a clue too, and snooki typed almost as fast as she talked!  impressive!  i looked up she was a receptionist before landing this “job.”

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