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flipping out: hugs

another episode I loved, but especially because we got a better glimpse of Trace Lehnhoff.   In the episode, he spends a lot of time meeting the clients so that when he graduates, he’s able to hit the ground running and get a 30% raise.


One of the looney looney clients put Thousand Oaks on the map.  I don’t know how he drives so far for these places!  The client Barb is NUTS.  old, looney hippy that wants tons of wood in her house.  As Jenni says, “she basically wants a wood shed.”  she also talked about her dogs who turned out to be stuff animals.  how did these people find Jeff???  Anyways, Jeff doesn’t warn Trace about the touchy feeliness of Barb and makes him just suffer without warning.  Like Jeff, Trace does not like to touch people, hence a hug with a stranger is completely unnecessary.  Even a handshake is uncomfortable.  It’s definitely a matter of personal space, but probably the OCD cleanliness as well.  It was just uncomfortable to even watch as he had to hug Barb on the way out.  You could tell he barely wanted to touch, but sucked it up for the sake of business.  The best part about Trace is that he barely ever smiles.  he has this smirk on his face that looks like he’s about to crack up at any second.  I wonder if he’s really like that in person, or maybe he cracks up when the cameras are off.  the one time you see him almost smile after carrying the wood floors asking Jeff, “where’s my corona?”  (side note: was he wearing JEGGINGS???)

in this episode, you don’t really see too much of Sarah.  It seems like people search google to find our if she’s married or not.  From observation, she wears a ring on her left hand.  I googled her, found her facebook, and her status is “engaged.”  she’s also has a profile picture with an african american man, who I’m not sure is her fiance, or someone famous that I have no idea who is.  she was hilariously dumb as usual.  hates flying (even in a private jet).  When they hit turbulence, and she was freaking out, jeff (of course) texted her “You’re going to die.”  Then commented to us, “I think Sarah probably sweat off a good 6 pounds for that trip, which was good. I think some of her pants are too tight.

  1. August 27, 2010 at 10:13 am

    A quality episode. I’ve never heard Shia LaBoeuf talk so much in a single sitting.

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