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Flipping Out: Creepy People and the Jersey Shore Hippo

Sorry, I haven’t updated on Jersey Shore, but from what I remember it was an emotional, not funny night except for the hippopotamus.  My husband for once joined the JS party and quickly realized what a genius term it is while being so mean at the same time.  The boys all got some action in one night while they laid the hippopotamus to sleep.  didn’t think they could pull it off, but mike did it!  hippo’s friend?  not a very good one.

the hippo: (but with boobs busting out of a white blouse)

moving on to flipping out.  the dude from arte de mexico = creepy.  jeru = poor jerk with no balls.  so jeff goes to pay the owner of arte de mexico a  deposit for the door at casa de vega.  little did he realize that the dude is creepy with his slick back hair-mullet thing.  he was also quite dumb.  dumber than a doorknob.  ha!  the owner loves to say “we serve you with a smile” aka BUY SOMETHING!  and then the wink.  WTH was the wink?  it sent shivers down my back.  eww.  jeff was right about the upselling then simply forgetting to flip over the door.  if the door handle seemed high, wouldn’t you think as the seller of this thing, “something’s not right…”  jeff was the one that had to figure out to flip the door over.  note: never buy anything from arte de mexico.  creepy guy = ng AND the aesthetic only fits a mexican restaurant.

the dude jeru was also a strange creepy man.  he thought he was a rap star in a different world.  not saying much and waiting for the budget.  too bad he couldn’t afford what he wanted and then fell off the face of the earth.  what business-man seeming guy doesn’t know how to properly fire their designer.  not brain science!

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