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girl fight!!!!

why do guys get a kick out of girl fighting???  so the last episode of jersey shore was all about the girls fighting.  urrgggh i am so sick of sammie!  the self-proclaimed sweetheart is a raging B-I-T-C-H.  she goes on about how she doesn’t care who wrote the note, so just ‘fess up!  bullying tactics aren’t working.  so she just becomes downright rude to her girlfriends and cozies up to angelina.  that desperate huh?

so the girl fight builds up throughout the whole episode.  sammie doesn’t even help make dinner and rudely doesn’t even eat what her roommates made.  she’s just DONE.  like usual.  of course her new bff angelina starts the final draw.  she completely twists around what jwoww was telling her boyfriend to stir the pot.  I totally think angelina just loves having a friend in the house, so anything that would keep sammie on her side.  so the fight begins… jwoww is vicious and sammie is on the ground.  however, right before the credits, BAM, sammie gets a hit in there.

so i watched the aftershow.  sammie is still a bitch and ronnie is still dumb.  they showed each and everything ronnie does at the club in a lovely montage.  makes him look soooo good and disgusting.  sammie said she’s disgusted, but i think they’re back together.  actually i have no doubt that they are back together.  then jwoww and snooki come in and explain that they wrote the letter instead of telling sammie directly so that they could try and save their friendship with ronnie.  i thought it sounded pretty valid, but it looked like sammie wanted nothing to do with them.  they were just trying to be friends dude while your boyfriend was sleeping with girls in the bathroom then coming home to sleep with you.  GET TESTED!  ewww

my favorite part of the episode was actually the very beginning when snooki tries out the guys’ beds.  she lands in vinnie’s, and he’s always DTS (down to snuggle with snooki).  apparently the dude is well-endowed and it was like sticking a watermelon into a pinhole.  only snooki can get away with saying that kind of stuff.

and… situation almost hooks up with a tranny.  covered adam’s apple.  covered hands.  MAN!

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