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damned if you do, damned if you don’t

sammi – you look like a complete fool.  no one likes you, and you’re not hot.  you also did not beat the crap out of jenny.  you are completely DELUSIONAL!

so situation sums up being friends with sammi – damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  snooki and jwoww tried to tell sammi everything going on with ronnie.  the note was not the way they should have sent the info, but they told the info like good friends should have.  and they get screwed.  sammi’s mad at the girls AND back with ronnie AND thinks she’s the shit.  just sickening…. everybody in america wants to kick you to the curb.  ron’s definitely macgyver and gets away scot-free.  he dogged her and peed on in many different ways and she just took it and smiled.  santa claus is dead dude.  who will get the last laugh?

vinny has always been one of my favorites…. up until the last minute.  WTH.  the whole episode he’s ragging on angelina and what a two-faced troublemaker she is.  he sees it all clear as day – she is the rob kardashian of staten island. for some reason, she gets really riled up whereas I think she’s way worse that rob!  so how did they end up hooking up?  crazy.

and btw, snooki is TAN.  her ethnicity is other: tan.

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