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i’m a gleek too!

it seems like forever since jersey shore has been on, but it’s almost here.  instead i’ve had to substitute new fall television into the mix.

hawaii-five-o – so far so good!  the chemistry of alex o’loughlin and scott caan is the best.  love/hate relationship with sentimental moments and of course funny.  scott caan can probably only play that kind of character, but it was nice to see a softer side with him being a father and all.  there were a few things i didn’t like starting with grace park.  i’m not sure what the appeal of her is, but there’s probably a lot more cuter and better acting asians than she is.  hopefully, she’ll get better as the series goes on.  the other thing pertaining to the story was it was just too convenient that the immigrant smuggler dude had a wife and kid that they could use as a threat.  too easy.  looking forward to more beautiful scenery and 24-ish action!

glee- i LOVE glee and have been looking forward to this the whole summer.  i like the new cast members so far, except charice overacts, but man, her voice is AHHH-MAZING!  how does the little munchkin sing like that?  always trips me out.  I’m glad she got a regular gig though.   lea michele needs to gain some weight dude.  she looks like a bobble head with a body withering away.  mike chang, i know your role is to either just stand there and nod or bounce around dancing, but can you give him some lines already???  i forget that asians can have abs like that.  (*mouth dropped open).  the new coach beiste.  she is cast soooo perfectly.  did you know she was an arm wrestling champion?  she could definitely squish me and probably 5 other people at the same time.  i’m glad sue has someone to combat besides mr. schu, though her one liners about the hair never get old.   the new dude chord overstreet.  never heard of you in my life before but looks like you’re in for making a big splash.  loved the singing in billionaire, loved the comment about the bieber hard, and lips are quite pillowy.  looks like it’s going to be a great season!  britney next week!!!

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