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success stories…

trace lehnhoff (aka tracey) finally graduates, but gets SLAPPED by a client!  and apparently still works with the client!  trace already knew he was in trouble when he called jeff from the bathroom and said it was nothing like he had ever experienced.  who drinks when working with their interior designers?  apparently chuck from florida does.  so jeff and jenni try to come to his rescue, but jeff does nothing but chuckles.  he admits he laughs when he’s nervous because he can’t figure out what to do.  jenni pretty much gets groped but still is able to straighten up the situation – take chuck to the bathroom and let trace run away.  he also handled it so well, by not making it a big deal and just going home.  the whole time i watched with my jaw dropped open.  how did that just happen???

well tracey is a true success story.  he got an internship at jld, now works full time there, is on a reality tv show, wears white shorts on tv, got slapped on tv by a grown man, and is a great designer.  if i had some money, i would definitely hire jld and him.  i wonder what the season finale will bring…

now on to js.  situation, you’re an asshole.  and during your asshole-ness, you tried to rob ramona, vinny’s dream girl, and then you tried to kiss snooki.  ng dude.  ramona stood up for her dude vinny, and snooki rejected you completely. besides that, there didn’t seem to be much drama.  sammi does NOT know how to make a decision and asks ron.  does she think ron is smart or something?  snooki had her friend ryder in town.  she may look a little different but the WAAAHHH is the same.  they have their own language.

i have no comment on vinny and ramona.  vinny has it bad for the girl and finally the girl seemed to reciprocate a little.  don’t break his heart please.

so i think it’s almost time to go from the MIA back to the shore….

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