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cabs are here!

sad that the final episode of jersey shore has come and gone.  pauly d is out of control with his “oh yeah,

the episode starts out going to the everglades.  I guess that’s their “trip.”  that’s a pretty crappy trip mtv.  after going through the everglades on the air boat thing, they went to a eatery that served frog legs.  jwoww hates frogs and was about to vomit.  it looked pretty gross.  they dumped frogs in batter then in the fryer.  YUCK!  situation ends up throwing it up on the way home.

vinny and pauly d end up going on dates with their wifeys, ramona and rocio.  ramona again is late.  45 minutes late is supposedly good for her.  anyways, both of the couples say goodbye to each other.  no smushing cuz they wife material.

urrggh sammi.  no comment.  actually, one comment, RIDICULOUS.  so delusional!

t shirt time!  i don’t really understand why pauly d makes out with other girls with rocio on the side.   vinny’s got it right, “say no to hos.”  2 grenades do not equal a hot girl.  but the situation will take it.  why is guys’ obsession with threesomes???

most likely to get skin cancer… everyone’s looking around but pauly d admits himself as the biggest tanner.  TANOREXIC!

the big fight.  wth just happened?  snooki thought that everyone called jwoww fake, and then jwoww confronted pauly d.  boooooyyy, pauly d got pissed.  veins popping out.  no one gets pauly d that pissed except for angelina.  then snooki thinks everyone hates her.  sad.  situation goes out to make her feel better and resolves it all.

last episode, all in all disappointing.  hurry up and come back so we can go to seaside!!!

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  1. jen
    October 24, 2010 at 7:33 am

    It wasn’t a threesome…. it was a Situationsome!! HAHAHAHAHA Nothing says sexy like a bathroom stall! GROSS!!!! I agree… very disappointing overall.

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