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for thanksgiving, I usually I have to tell my family 3 things I’m thankful for. Instead of the usual family, friends, and job, I should have changed it up and put the puzzled look on my parents’ faces: jersey shore. I love this show. It completely brings me out of accounting, out of west la, and into this crazy world of the tan. They act like people who I would never meet but have some kind of jealousy toward the free, no shame, embarrasing life they lead.

ok, moving on to episode one. Things that I noticed:
-most have new luxury cars – 3 bmws, 1 mercedes, a CADDY!, and a range rover (which I think sitch had before).
-vinny has a shower caddy 🙂
-deena diana whatever the f*** your name is is a walking holiday – “If deena was a holiday, she would be thanksgiving because she has a lot to give and give up”
-sammi is still a bitch. ronnie is a wussy that’s completely selfish and dumb. he only came down to yell at deena when his name was mentioned.
-snooki loves vinny, but vinny wants to screw around with whoever including snooki’s bff’s. i thought he was better than that. sad.
-jwoww is still great and i’m waiting to see her beat the crap out of sammi.

the season’s going to be great!!!!

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  1. cat
    February 2, 2011 at 9:02 am

    I love this show, and this season looks amazing. Sammi has taken Angelina’s place as resident bitch. I thought Vinny was better than that too 😦
    I love this show so much, I just wish they would quit calling every girl even with minimal curves “fat” or “grenade” it’s giving me a complex lol.

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